Couples Counselling & Sex Addiction

In my experience when couples arrive for counselling with sex addiction, they can be in completely different places. Often the addicted partner is desperate to save the relationship and their partner is too traumatized and at a loss to know what to do next. It can feel like a tidal wave or a landmine exploding with everything that has gone on in the relationship before being repeatedly questioned and not believed.

Thankfully not all couples experience that degree of devastation, however, the road ahead can be a long and painful one but can be done.

The priority is to acknowledge and validate each partner positions, find some anchor where possible of stability and security to steady the relationship. Understanding is the Key. Knowing the ‘what’ is sex addiction and ‘why’ it happens is vital to recovery. Empathy and compassion are needed by the tonne. Communication, conflict management and accountability begin the process.

I have no agenda to keep couples together, or, encourage them to separate, I take by cue from you and offer you all my knowledge, skills and training to accompany you both.