One-to-One Counselling

One-to-One counselling can be about a wide range of issues, for example:

Adoption issues


Attachment issues



Child sexual abuse



Domestic abuse

Emotional problems

Intercultural issues

Approaching burnout

LGTBQ issues

Partners of sex and porn addicts

Porn and sex addiction

Relationship issues



Stress management

Trauma counselling

Workplace Stress and conflict

In finding my website I'm imagining you are facing some tough and challenging times. Perhaps you are feeling a bit broken or overwhelmed having lost your zest for life. Maybe you are afraid of being a burden on others so you don't approach them. Perhaps you feel like you don't belong or fit in or you long for a relationship or wonder about ending one. Maybe you are dealing with conflict at work or within your family. You may feel your addictive behaviours are spiralling out of control unaware of trauma that may be driving your behaviours.

I would like to begin to help you find the right therapist to work with. It's important that we feel we are a good match, liking your therapist is crucial. There is no commitment in having therapy with me, I can offer you possibilities of other professionals or organisations who could help.

Following a short phone call with me you may like to book and initial assessment appointment where we mutually decide whether on-going counselling would be helpful. I'll take you through the contracting and confidentiality carefully explaining any limitations and ensure you fully understand. You will get a copy of my contract home with you. I'll also explain your rights under the General Data Protection Act which is there for your safety and protection.

I'll ask about what brought you to me, what has been happening in your life, your health and general well being your GP details and any medication, what supports your have. I'll invite you to ask questions about me perhaps you want to know about my approaches to counselling, how long therapy may last, duration of counselling sessions, consistency and flexibility of sessions, cancellations and holiday periods and affordability.

I can explain the three stages - exploration, understanding and action or change. Exploration can help to soothe and clarify your issues and in making sense of them or understanding together with what happened in your life and then consider options or strategies around how to deal with them meaning change.

Therapy can be short term with a solution focused approach to your issues or longer term with a psychodynamic (unconscious) in-depth approach where I can help you address the root of the problem through a more in depth understanding.

Therapy is flexible in that you do not have to do it all at once; in fact, it can be beneficial to do a piece of work, consolidate and return at a later stage. As a retuning private client you will get first choice of availability.

Please read testimonials of my previous clients below and drop me a line to set up an initial assessment or answer any questions.

One-to-One Counselling Testimonials