Family Counselling

What makes up a family is wide and varied; so too are the nature of family problems. I can address family behaviour patterns, belief systems and "stories" within families. Additionally, I explore the broader contextual factors which makes the family problems and their treatment so complex.

Sometimes families are concerned if only a few members are prepared to attend. They think that family counselling is not then possible. This is not the case. Not all family members need attend; some can attend for a week, other members can attend at other times. In addition family counselling does not have to be weekly. Each family counselling session can "stand alone" whereby the family go off and implement what they have learned in counselling.

Important in family counselling is that every members voice is heard equally and from their own perspective and experience as families can tend to pinpoint one member as "the problem". This is where families often become stuck. I approach the problem from the child, adolescence and adult perspective and helps to 'reposition' each family member and so resolve the problem.