Same Sex Relationships

As well as relationship difficulties if you are a gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered person you may be vulnerable to minority stresses of prejudices, discrimination and marginalization. Homonegativity is associated with society’s antigay attitudes and you may internalise this to make it about yourself affecting your self-esteem hiding your sexual orientation and your relationship. I can help reattribute the cause of your distress to prejudice and ignorance, develop a stronger sense of self affirming and building your relationship.

You may also find relationship ambiguity where same sex partners do not get the chance to have an engagement phase and lack social and family endorsement. This can lead to you and your partner living increasingly separate lives as you struggle to stay connected with each other. I can help you map out your chosen social support affirming the necessity in building this kind of support especially for couples who are geographically or emotionally distant from their families of origin.